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This page list all Python related examples and articles.

  1. Installed Python 3 On Mac OS X But It Still Use Python 2.7
    Explain why your newly installed python3 do not run when you run python in terminal and how to fix it.
  2. How To Install Python/Pip On Windows
    Tell you how to install python 3.7 on windows and how to run python and pip in windows.
  3. How To Run Python In Eclipse With Pydev
    Tell you how to install and use PyDev in eclipse to help developer to develop Python application.
  4. Python Function Define And Arguments Examples
    Example about how to define function in Python and how to pass arguments to Python function.
  5. How To Add Python Module Library In Eclipse PyDev
    Tell you how to add python module library in eclipse PyDev project PYTHONPATH.
  6. How To Extract Text From Pdf In Python
    Example about how to extract pdf text by python module PyPDF2, textract etc. Also show you how to remove stop words and punctuations.
  7. How To Install SQLite3 On Mac
    Tell you how to install SQLite database server and manage it with SQLite Studio. 
  8. Python Check If File Exists And Create Example
    Example about how to check whether a file exist or not and whether it is a folder or not and so on.
  9. Python Count Words In Text File Example
    This example tell you how to get words count in a text file.
  10. Python JSON Dump To Or Load From File Example
    Example about convert between JSON string and Python Object, also demo how to save / load JSON file into python dict object. 
  11. Python 3 Unittest Html And Xml Report Example
    Example about how to run test case in python, and how to create html and xml format test case execution reports. 
  12. Python Login Register JSON Example
    Register and login user account from JSON file example. Also demo how to write unit test and generate unit test result html report.
  13. Python 3 Matplotlib Draw Point/Line Example
    Example about how to use python matplotlib module to draw point, line with different values and colors.
  14. Python Matplotlib Random Walk Example
    Tell you how to implement random walk graph use Python Matplotlib module.
  15. How To Generate Random Captcha In Python
    Example about use python captcha module to create image and audio captcha and save to image or audio file.
  16. How To Convert List To String In Python
    Three methods to convert python list to string.
  17. Python Generate Random String Of Specific Length
    Tell you how to generate random string or uuid in python with string, random and uuid module.
  18. Python Read/Write CSV File Example
    Example about how to use python built-in csv module to read/write csv file.
  19. How To Convert JSON File To CSV Using Python Vice Versa
    Example about how to use Python json and csv module to convert data between csv and json format files.
  20. Python Pandas Read/Write CSV File And Convert To Excel File Example
    Tell you how to use pandas module to read write csv file and manage pandas.DataFrame data and then save the data list to an excel file.
  21. How To Resolve WebdriverException Geckodriver Executable Needs To Be In Path
    Two method to resolve geckodriver executable needs to be in path error when open firefox web browser with selenium in python.
  22. Python Profile Memory Usage And Object Graph Example
    Introduce two module memory_profiler and objgraph that can monitor python code memory usage and display python objects status and relationship.
  23. Python Built-in Local SMTP Server Example.
  24. Python Send Plain Text, Html Content, Attached Files, Embedded Images Email Example.
  25. Python Send Email To Multiple Contact In CSV File With Personalized Content Example.
  26. How To Send Email With Gmail As Provider Using Python


  1. How To Successfully Install Django On Windows
  2. Hello World Django Pycharm Example
  3. Python Automation Scripts Examples Use Django And Selenium
    Example about how to setup Django web server and use selenium to make functional testing in Python.
  4. How To Install Python Django In Virtual Environment
    Tell you how to install python virtual environment and how to install and run Django server in the virtual environment.
  5. How To Make A Website With Python And Django
    Step by step example about create web site use Python Django.
  6. How To Debug Django Project With Eclipse And PyDev
    Tell you how to create and debug python django application with eclipse pydev.
  7. Django Cookie Session Example
  8. Django User Registration And Login Use Built-in Authorization Example
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