How To Fix Google Search Console Core Web Vitals CLS Issue

My website traffic dropdown recently, and then I log in to the google search console to investigate the reason. In google search console Core Web Vitals page ( Google Search Console —> Experience —> Core Web Vitals ), I find there are a lot of error messages like CLS issue: more than 0.25, LCP issue: longer than 4s, etc for both page displayed on desktop and mobile devices. This is just the reason why my website traffic dropdown. This article will tell you how to fix it.

1. Find Your Web Page Rendering Speed Score.

The reason for the error like CLS issue: more than 0.25, LCP issue: longer than 4s is because my website page renders speed goes down from several months ago. But I do not notice it anymore until I find my website traffic dropdown. You can go to Google PageSpeed Insight to find how slowly your page rendering to both mobile and desktop devices.

2. Improve Above Page Speed Score.

If you find your web page speed score is very low use the google page speed insight tool, you can try the below method to improve it.

  1. Make your web page and related resources as small as possible to reduce page load time ( How To Decrease Page Load Time In WordPress ).
  2. Use Cloudflare CDN (  How Web Caching Works In CDN ( Proxy ) Chain Use Cache-Control HTTP Header, CloudFlare Plus SSL To Make Your WordPress Fast And Secure, How To Verify If Cloudflare CDN Cached Your Website Html Content, CSS, Images, JS Files )
  3. Use Ezoic cache ( How To Turn On Ezoic Cache And Increase Cache Hit, Decrease Cache Miss ) or  site speed accelerator( How To Config Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator Correctly To Improve Google Page Speed Score )

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