How To Decrease Page Load Time In WordPress

Most website traffic comes from google search. If you want your website to have a higher page rank in the google search results, besides quality and unique page content the most important thing is your website page load speed. This article will tell you how to make your web page simple and clear to decrease page load time to improve page load speed.

1. How To Measure Web Page Load Speed.

  1. First, you should know how quickly or slowly your web page load speed is, you can use a lot of tools to test this.
  2. We recommend you to use google page speed insights because this is google’s official tool to test page speed and return a speed score. And google will rank your web page based on this score in the future. Below are the steps.
  3. Open a web browser and go to google page speed insights.
  4. Input the web page url in the input text box.
  5. Then click ANALYZE button, wait for some time, and the result will be shown under it. Click the MOBILE or DESKTOP tab to see page speed scores on different devices. A higher score means the web page load speed is faster.

2. How To Improve Original Web Page Load Speed.

Besides use CDN or Cache plugin to improve your website load speed, you also need to make your website page as simple and clear as possible to make the original web page load faster without CDN and Cache. Below are some opinions which I summarized.

  1. Reduce image count on a page. Fewer images on a web page will save a lot of traffic, it also saves a lot of load time. If you do need a lot of images, you can record a video and put the video on your youtube channel, and then embed the youtube video on your web page. Because youtube video is not loaded when load web pages, then it can reduce a lot of load time.
  2. The image format is also very important, google search engine will give your web page a higher score if the web page contains an image in .webp format, if the image format is .png, .jpg or other formats, please convert them to .webp format.
  3. If the image is .gif format, please convert it to a .mp4 format and then publish it to your youtube channel and embedded the youtube video on your web page.
  4. Publish all your video resource ( .mp4 format file ) on your youtube channel and then reference them on your web page to reduce the web page size and improve the web page load speed.
  5. Do not show post featured images on the index home page. This can reduce the index home page load time ( How To Hide WordPress Featured Image In Post Index Page ).
  6. Reduce internal and external javascript execution. For example, reduce ad blocks because ad blocks are always need to load external javascript and execute. The top most ad blocks which is displayed above the page navigation bar should be removed, because if these ads load slowly then it will expand the page content to move down after it loaded completely.
  7. Remove unnecessary widgets such as recent posts, top 10 posts, add to any button, etc. Because these widgets also need execution time and generally these widgets have less effect on the page rank.
  8. Use one cache plugin ( WP Super cache ) or CDN service ( Cloudflare or Ezoic CDN ), but do not use them at the same time. Because they may have conflicts.

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