How To Turn On Ezoic Cache And Increase Cache Hit, Decrease Cache Miss

Ezoic cache app can provide CDN service. It will cache your web page in ezoic server, when a user browses your web page, ezoic cache will return the cached web page from the server which is located nearest to the request user, this can improve your website response speed and reduce page load time. The ezoic cache also behaves like a firewall between the client user and your original webserver to protect your website.

1. How To Turn On Ezoic Cache.

  1. Login to ezoic management website.
  2. Select your website domain at the top left corner.
  3. Click the Speed icon at the top menu bar.
  4. Scroll down to the CACHING section.
  5. Click the GO TO APP button at end of the CACHING section, this will direct you to the CACHING app settings page.
  6. In the CACHING app settings page, turn on Enable CDN Services toggle button to turn on ezoic caching.

2. Config Ezoic Caching.

  1. Scroll down the ezoic caching app page to the Cache Setting Values section. You can change caching settings in this section.
  2. There are a lot of caching parameters that you can change and you can get a more detailed explanation for each parameter by hovering your mouse key on the ? icon beside the parameter name.
  3. The Default Cache Age‘s value must small or equal to the Maximum Cache Age‘s value. And if your website content does not change often, you can set these two parameter’s values to a bigger one ( for example 3 days ). This can make ezoic cache your web page for a longer time, and make more client requests get the web page from ezoic cache rather than from the original web server to reduce page load time.
  4. But if you set the above two parameter’s values longer, then when you publish new posts, the post index page ( generally home page ) will not display the new posts immediately. It will wait for the cached post index home page to expire then go to the original web server to get a new post index home page. And your new posts will be shown on the new post index home page.
  5. Another parameter you should take care of is Vary Headers to be removed from origin. Because cache server will cache web page based on the HTTP response Vary header’s value, so if you find the Vary header’s value contains elements such as Cookie, then the cache will not working properly because every client request’s cookie value is different. The ideal Vary header’s value is Accept-Encoding. You can refer article How To Set HTTP Header Vary Value Correct To Make Cache Work Effective, How To Modify HTTP Response Header In WordPress, How To Remove Cookie In WordPress Plugin WPSuper Cache HTTP Response Header Vary. to learn more.

3. How To Check Ezoic Caching Status And Increase Cache Hit, Decrease Cache Miss.

  1. Click the Analytics icon at the top menu bar on ezoic management web page. This will direct you to ezoic big data analytics dashboard.
  2. Click Site Speed —> Caching —> Ezoic Caching menu item on the left side, then you can see the caching status diagram on the right side.
  3. The ezoic caching diagram blueline represents cache hit number, the green line represents cache miss number. Ideally, the blue line ( cache hit ) should higher than the green line ( cache miss ).
  4. If you find that cache miss higher than cache hit, you can change the Default Cache Age‘s value and Maximum Cache Age‘s value to a bigger number ( in seconds ) in cache settings.
  5. When the cache hit number drop down and cache miss number grow up, this is maybe because your website traffic dropdown also. In this case, you had better change Default Cache Age‘s value and Maximum Cache Age‘s value to a bigger number ( in seconds ) in cache settings.

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