Android UI

action bar theme holo light

Although ActionBar provides users with a globally unified interface style and operation, it doesn’t mean that all applications’ ActionBars have to be exactly the same. If you need to modify the […]

android actionbar example release

This article will show you how to create and use action bar menus in android application. There are two activity in this example, each has it’s own action bar. When […]

android custom notification example

Notification is a message that can be displayed outside the normal user interface of an android application. When the notification is issued, it first appears in the notification area of the […]

custom snackbar view content is a control in the Android Support Design Library. It can quickly pop up message at the bottom of the screen. User can click the button at right side […]

fully custom toast

Toast is a mechanism used to display information in Android. Unlike Dialog, Toast has no focus, and the show time is limited. Toast message will disappear automatically after a certain […]