Selenium Tutorial Article List

  1. Selenium Overview

WebDriver Basic

  1. Add Selenium Server Standalone Jar File Into Your Java Project
  2. Run Test Cases Use Firefox Driver To Launch Firefox Browser Automatically In Java
  3. Run Test Cases Using Internet Explorer
  4. Run Test Cases Using Google Chrome
  5. Run Test Cases Using Apple Safari
  6. Run Test Cases Using GeckoDriver Correctlly
  7. Headless – HtmlUnit Driver Example
  8. Headless – PhantomJS Driver Example
  9. Change Firefox Profile
  10. Locate Web Elements In Web Page
  11. Manage Javascript Popup Dialog
  12. Close JavaScript Popup Windows
  13. Select Options From DropDown List
  14. How To Handle Frames / IFrames
  15. Handle Dynamic Html Tables
  16. Page Load Synchronization Implicit And Explicit
  17. WebDriverWait And ExpectedConditions Example
  18. Python – How To Launch Safari, Firefox, Chrome In Selenium Webdriver
    Example about how to launch chrome, firefox and safari web browser use selenium webdriver in python.

WebDriver Advanced

  1. Scroll Web Page In Testing Script Using Java
  2. Upload File
  3. Upload File – Use Java Robot To Select File
  4. Upload File – Use AutoIT To Choose File
  5. Download – Handle Firefox Or Chrome Download Popup
  6. Download – Pass Download Popup Dialog Using WGet
  7. Download – Operate Download Popup Dialog Using Java Robot Class
  8. Collect Network Traffic Automatically
  9. Capture Test Case Screenshot
  10. Pass Website Authentication
  11. Search And Send Job List In Email
  12. Perform Right Click Context Menu
  13. Handle Keyboard And Mouse Events
  14. Do Drag And Drop Actions
  15. Page Object Model And Page Factory
  16. TestNG DataProvider Read Test Data From Xml File
  17. Open Multiple Windows Or Tabs
  18. Check Broken Links
  19. Selenium JQuery Datepicker Example
  20. Event Listener : Take Screenshot On Exception
  21. Read / Write Excel Data Using Apache POI
  22. Copy Rows Between Excel Sheet Use Apache POI
  23. Keyword Driven And Hybrid Test Framework
  24. Parallel Cross Browser Testing In Selenium Using TestNG
  25. Use TestNG To Run Selenium Test In Parallel
  26. Execute jQuery With Selenium WebDriver Example
    Example about how to run jQuery script in selenium WebDriver when the page contain or not contain jQuery js file in page html head section.

WebDriver Grid & Cloud

  1. Setup Grid In Testing Automation
  2. Use Selenium Grid To Run Testing Script
  3. How To Run Tests In Multiple Nodes
  4. Docker Overview
  5. Setup Selenium Grid With Docker
  6. How To Run Testing Script In Cloud

Interview Questions

  1. Interview Questions and Answers You May Want To Know

XPath & Locators

  1. Find Web Element Using Web Browser Inspector
  2. Select The Effective XPath For Web Element
  3. Selenium XPath Css Selector Example

Selenium IDE

  1. Install IDE And Firebug In Firefox
  2. Record And Playback Test Case Script Automatically
  3. Write Your First Testing Automation Script