How to install selenium IDE and Firebug in Firefox

Selenium IDE is a Firefox extension, so Firefox should be installed on your machine first. You can call JavaScript and access web page DOM object with selenium IDE. This is very useful and flexible when tester write test case automation scripts.

Record function is a more important feature in this tool. It allows developer or tester to record the business processes that need to be tested and save the user’s actions into script during the test. Thus the script can fully simulate the manual testing process when it run.

In addition, it also provides a verification interface, which is convenient for testers to verify whether the expected value of the test is consistent with the actual value.

How to install?
  1. Download and setup Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Download and setup selenium IDE.
    Open Firefox after installed, and then copy above url into browser address bar, then click add to Firefox. The addon file extension should be .xpi. You need to restart browser after install it.install selenium ide in firefox
  3. Verify whether the installation is success or not.
    After installation, you can follow below instruction to verify whether it is installed success or not. Menu —> Customize
    selenium ide install verificationAfter click Customize menu, Drag selenium IDE button from left panel to right panel in the popup window.
    drag selenium ide button to firefox menuWhen close “Customize Firefox” tab, you can find the IDE button in the menu list.
    close firefox customize firefox tabselenium IDE button exist in firefox menu list
  4. Run selenium IDE.
    When you click selenium IDE menu button, it’s main window will popup. You can record test case script in that window.
selenium IDE main window
How to Install Firebug?

Installed as a Firefox’s plugin, you can use it to monitor, debug, or edit HTML, JavaScript and CSS in a real web page. Tester can use it to inspect and retrieve web page element’s properties and real time value. This is very useful when run selenium IDE.Open web browser and input Firebug in google search box, you will get following page.

search firefox firebug addon in google

Click the Firebug add-on link in above page, then click Add to Firefox button.

click add to firefox to install firebug add-on

After download the add-on, click “Install Now” button and continue.
install firebug add-on for firefox

Verify whether the add-on is installed success by Firebug menu.
firebug installed success

Selenium IDE and Firebug is installed successfully now, but how to use it to record test case script? We will introduce that in next blog. Keep reading.

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