web application servlet architecture

Website consists of static resources and dynamic resources. Static resources include html page, javascript, css, images etc. And dynamic resources includes CGI, Servlet, JSP etc. In this article we will […]

servlet lifecycle senario

Servlet is managed by servlet container, the container manages the entire lifecycle of it. From below picture, you can see how the container manage it’s lifetime and how the container […]

servlet load-on-startup settings in web.xml file

There are a lot of xml elements in web.xml in a web application project. And the most important two we will introduce are welcome-file-list and load-on-startup. welcome-file-list is used to display […]

java exception structure

The exception mechanism is how the program is handled when the program meet an error. It provides a safe exit method for java program. When an error occurs, the program […]

download and install selenium chrome and firefox node container from docker repository

Docker is the most popular open source light weight container platform. It is used to install and run any prepackaged applications especially for selenium grid automation test. You can easily add […]

drag and drop in selenium webdriver

Hello everybody, today we will show you how to implement drag and drop actions in selenium webdriver automation test scripts. To implement this you need to use WebDriver’s Actions class […]