How To Resolve 502 Server Dropped Connection

When I develop the Django application and use the browser (for example google chrome) to browse my local Django website such as, I got an error page that shows error message 502 Server dropped connection. I googled some time and finally find that the error reason is that my web browser uses a polipo proxy server, and I found two methods to resolve it.

1. Stop Use The Proxy Server.

  1. This method is the easiest way to resolve the error, but I need to use the proxy server to browse some websites.
  2. So this is not a good solution. Because I will toggle between the start and stop of the proxy server, it wastes time too much.

2. Setting Proxy Server By-Pass Domains Or IPs.

  1. This method is more good for my requirement. In this way, I can browse some websites through the proxy server and can also browse the website or IP address directly which is bypassed by the proxy server.
  2. This needs some configuration in the web browser, I will show you how to configure bypass domain or IP with google chrome.
  3. Click Customize and control Google Chrome menu item at the chrome top right corner.
  4. Click the Settings menu item in the popup menu list.
  5. Search keyword proxy in the open page and click the Open your computer’s proxy settings menu item to open the proxy configuration page.
  6. Click the Network Proxy gear button in the right panel to open the proxy server edit window.
  7. Input the domain or IP address in the Ignore Hosts input text box. Multiple domains or IPs should be separated by commas.

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