How To Use SmartGit In Ubuntu

SmartGit is a GUI git client tool that can manage your project source code from git server such as github or bitbucket. It support both Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can use it free for non-commercial usage. This article will tell you how to use it in Linux Ubuntu.

 1. Install SartGit For Linux Ubuntu.

  1. Download SmartGit linux achieve from SmartGit official website.
  2. Unzip the download file to a local folder.
  3. CD into the smartgit / bin folder( for example /home/jerry/WorkSpace/tool/smartgit-linux-18_1_5/smartgit/bin ) of the unzip file.
  4. Then execute bin/ file. It will open Setup SmartGit window.
    $ ./
  5. Check agreement checkbox, and select non-commercial use only radio button.
    setup smartgit window
  6. Click Next button, confirm the non-commercial license usage and click OK button.
  7. Enter user information, select Use SmartGit as SSH Client radio button in the following dialog.
  8. Do not specify Hosting Providers now, click Next.
  9. Click Finish button to complete the SmartGit installation.

2. Use SmartGit To Clone Repository.

  1. Open a terminal and execute smartgit / bin / shell command.
    $ ./
  2. When SmartGit GUI startup, click Repository —> Clone… menu item to open repository clone dialog.
    input remote repository url in clone repository dialog
  3. Click Next button, input master password and input repository user name and password then click Login button.
  4. Click Next button, and select the repository Local Directory to store source files. Click Finish button to complete the clone repository.
    select remote repository local directory
  5. Then you should wait for some time for the process to complete, it will copy all the source files to your local directory.
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