How To Create Windows 7 USB Boot Disk On MacOS VMWare Guest OS

My working machine is a mac book pro which runs macOS. And I install VMWare fusion in the mac book pro and the guest virtual machine os is Windows 7. Now I want to create a USB boot disk that contains windows 7 iso file to install Windows 7 on another PC. This article will tell you how to do it.

1. Connect USB Disk To VMWare Guest OS.

  1. Open VMWare Fusion and start guest virtual machine which runs Windows 7 OS.
  2. After the guest os startup, plug your USB disk into the mac book pro USB port, a dialog popup asks you which OS you want to connect the USB disk with. Please select Connect to Windows button to let the windows OS use the USB disk.
  3. If the above dialog does not pop up, please restart the guest os first, if not useful, please restart host os ( mac book pro ) and then plug the USB disk again. The reason why the dialog does not pop up is that the USB disk has been plugged into this machine before and macOS remember which OS to connect.

2. Create Windows USB Boot Disk.

  1. Download a USB boot disk creation tool such as Rufus in the guest Windows OS.
  2. Just click the download executable file, then it will open the main window.
  3. Select related iso file ( Win7 installation iso file or Linux iso file) and other information.
  4. Click the START button to start to load the iso file to the USB disk.
  5. The process includes format the USB disk first then load the iso file to the USB disk.
  6. If you meet an error message such as Error: Undetermined error while formatting using Rufus, you need first make sure your USB disk is not damaged and then open windows disk manager and format the USB disk with NTFS file system format.
  7. Test whether the USB disk is good by exploring it in windows explorer.

3. Install OS From USB Disk.

  1. Now the USB boot disk has been created correctly, you just need to plug it into your PC USB port, and make sure the mainboard loads the os from the USB device in the first order. Then start PC to install the Windows OS.

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