How To Mirror MacBook Screen To External Monitor

When you use a MacBook Pro to develop an iOS application, you may find the screen is not big enough, so the better way is to mirror your MacBook Pro’s screen to an external monitor, this can make your eyes relax and healthy. This article will tell you how to mirror your MacBook Pro’s screen to an external monitor.

1. Mirror MacBook Pro’s Screen To External Monitor.

  1. The first step is to check the hardware ports on your MacBook Pro and find the correct cables that can connect your MacBook to the external monitor.
  2. Then start macOS.
  3. Click the System Preferences icon on the bottom docker bar ( or from mac icon(located at the macOS top menu bar) —> System Preferences menu item ), then click the Displays icon.
  4. Click the Arrangement tab in the top navigator bar.
  5. Check the Mirror Displays checkbox in the Built-in Display popup dialog.
  6. Close the popup dialog.
  7. Now your MacBook screen has been mirrored to the external monitor.

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