How To Fix Mouse And Keyboard Stuck After Install Mac OS On VirtualBox

After install mac os high sierra in virtualbox, when i start the virtual machine, it popup Keyboard Setup Assitant window like below. For mac os beginniners, this window is so strange and i do not know what to do. And if you are not lucky, you will find your mouse and keyboard are all out of control in the virtual machine. This article will tell you how to resolve it.

1. How To Resolve Mac OS Mouse & Keyboard Stuck In VirtualBox Virtual Machine.

The easist way to fix this is to install virtualbox extension pack, because maybe your mouse or keyboard is plug in a USB 2 or USB 3 port, but the virtualbox virtual machine do not support it. After install virtualbox extension, it will support both USB 2 & USB 3. You can read article How To Install Virtualbox Extension Pack Correctly.

1.1 Make Your Virtual Machine Use USB3.

After you install virtualbox extension, you can make your virtual machine use USB 3 port follow below steps.

  1. Power off your virtual machine by click the close button of virtualbox window. Then select Power off the machine radio button, click OK to close it.
    power off virtualbox virtual machine by click close button
  2. Select the virtual machine in the virtualbox left panel list, click Settings button at top menu bar to open virtual machine settings popup window. Click USB item in left panel, then select USB 3.0 Controller radio button in right panel. Click OK to save the changes.
    set virtual machine use usb 3

2. How To Setup Mac OS Keyboard In Virtualbox Virtual Machine.

If you run mac os in a virtual machine in windows, your keyboard can not match mac os keyboard absolutely. So when you run the mac os in the virtual machine for the first time, it will popup Keyboard Setup Assitant to identify your keyboard. Please follow below steps to set it up.

  1. Because your keyboard is not mac keyboard, so you can not find the key instructed by the dialog.
    use keyboard setup assistant to identify mac os keyboard
  2. Just double click any key except Shift key, then it will popup below dialog which said Your keyboard cannot be identified. Click OK button.
    press any key except shift will popup your keyboard can not be identified error message dialog
  3. Now it will show you Select the Keyboard Type window. Select your keyboard type and click Done button. Now you can use your keyboard in mac os running in virtual machine as normal.
    select your keyboard type and click done button to finish keyboard select

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