How To Install Virtualbox Extension Pack Correctly

When you use oracle virtualbox, sometimes you need to install virtualbox extension. Because the virtualbox extension provide you addon functions such as virtual USB 2.0 & 3.0 support, virtualbox remote desktop protocol support, Intel PXE boot ROM, Disk image encryption with AES algorithm, Host webcam passthrough etc. But when you install it, you may find the installation can not be completed succefully, this articel will tell you how to install it correctly.

1. Get Your Virtualbox Version.

The main reason for failing install virtualbox extension is because you choose wrong version of the extension package, so before you install the virtualbox extension pack, you should get your virtualbox version at first follow below steps.

  1. Start virtualbox, do not need start the virtual machine.
  2. Click Help —> About VirtualBox… menu item at top menu bar, then it will popup an about dialog. You can find the virtualbox version at the bottom right of the dialog. From below picture we can see my virtualbox version is 5.2.28.
    click file about virtualbox menu item to display the virtualbox version popup dialog

2. Download Above Version Related Virtualbox Extension Pack.

Now you should download the virtualbox extension package according to your virtualbox version.

  1. Go to virtualbox download page, if your virtualbox is the newest version, then just click link All supported platforms in VirtualBox 6.0.8 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack area to download it. When i write this article, the virtualbox newest version is 6.0.8.
    virtualbox extension pack download page
  2. But if your virtualbox’s version is 5.2, then you should click the link VirtualBox 5.2 builds in above page, then it will direct you to below page that list all software needed for virtualbox build 5.2. If your virtualbox is older than 5.2, i suggest you use the newest version, because at this time oracle will not support virtualbox which version is lower than 5.2.
    virtualbox version 5.2 software download page
  3. Because my virtualbox’s version is 5.2.28, then i scroll down to the list item VirtualBox 5.2.28, and click the Extension Pack link under it to download the virtualbox extension pack and save it to your local machine.

3. Install Virtualbox Extension.

After you download virtualbox extension, follow below steps to instll it in your virtualbox.

  1. Open virtualbox, click File —> Preferences… menu item at the top menu bar.
    oracle virtualbox file preferences menu item
  2. Click Extensions item in the popup window left panel.
    select and install virtualbox extensions
  3. Click the green plus button in right panel and browse to select the downloaded virtualbox extension pack software. Then click the Install button in the popup dialog.
    clidk install button to install virtualbox extensions
  4. Scroll down the license dialog and click I Agree button to start to install.
  5. When the installation complete, you will see a popup dialog which said the installation is successfull.
    virtualbox extension install success dialog
  6. Click OK button, you will see the virtualbox extension has been added in the Extension Packages list.
    virtualbox extension has been added in the extension packages list
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