How To Fix Error The timestamp signature and/or certificate could not be verified or is malformed

When I install the .Net framework 4.8 on windows 7, in the last installation wizard window, it said the error The timestamp signature and/or certificate could not be verified or is malformed. This error happened on all the Windows OS that version is earlier than Windows 10. This article will tell you how to fix it.

1. How To Fix The Error.

  1. The reason for this error is that the .NET Framework 4.8 is re-signed with certificates that use the SHA2 hash.
  2. And Windows 7 or earlier does not support SHA2, so I need to install an update package that Microsoft provides to make Windows 7 support SHA2.
  3. Go to the page 2019 SHA-2 Code Signing Support requirement for Windows and WSUS.
  4. Scroll down to the Product update schedule section.
  5. Find the row for your Windows version, mine is Windows 7, so I need to download 2 update packages, the KB4490628, and the KB4474419 packages.
  6. When you click the above links, it will direct you to the package update page, scroll down to the Method 2: Microsoft Update Catalog section, and click the Microsoft Update Catalog link to go to the Microsoft Update Catalog page.
  7. Click the Download button at the end of the Windows version that you need, it will popup a dialog that contains the download link.
  8. You can click the link to download it, but if you find there is no response after you click it, you can copy the download link and paste the download URL  to a Firefox URL address input box, then click enter to download it.
  9. After downloading them, click them one by one to install.
  10. Now when you install the .NET Framework, the error will disappear.

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