How To Find Where Anaconda Python Is Installed

I installed anaconda on my windows, and I want to use the anaconda built-in python as my eclipse Pydev python interpreter. But when I want to add the anaconda built-in python path to my eclipse Pydev python interpreter, I can not find the path. Where does anaconda python is installed on Windows?

1. The Steps To Find Where The Anaconda Python Is Installed On Windows.

  1. Click the Windows start menu —>  All Programs —> Anaconda3(64-bit) —> Anaconda Navigator(anaconda3) to open the Anaconda Navigator window.
  2. Then click the Environments menu item on the Anaconda Navigator window left side.
  3. You can see a default anaconda virtual environment (base(root)) on the window right side.
  4. Click the triangle button at the end of the base(root) virtual environment.
  5. Click the Open Terminal menu item on the popup menu list.
  6. Input the command where anaconda in the prompt dos window, it will return the anaconda installed path.
    (base) C:\Users\Jerry>where anaconda
  7. Input the command where python where return the anaconda python installed directory.
    (base) C:\Users\Jerry>where python
  8. Now you can add the above path to your Windows PATH system environment variable to access python in the dos window.
  9. And you can use the python path when you configure the python interpreter in eclipse Pydev.

2. Get Anaconda Python Installed Directory With Conda Command.

  1. Anaconda provides the command conda to return a lot of useful information.
  2. Click the Windows start menu —>  All Programs —> Anaconda3(64-bit) —> Anaconda Prompt(anaconda3) to open the anaconda prompt window.
  3. Input the command conda info and click the enter key, then it will list all the information about the anaconda installation.
    (base) C:\Users\Jerry>conda info
         active environment : base
        active env location : C:\Users\Jerry\anaconda3
                shell level : 1
           user config file : C:\Users\Jerry\.condarc
     populated config files : C:\Users\Jerry\.condarc
              conda version : 4.10.1
        conda-build version : 3.21.4
             python version :
           virtual packages : __win=0=0
           base environment : C:\Users\Jerry\anaconda3  (writable)
          conda av data dir : C:\Users\Jerry\anaconda3\etc\conda
      conda av metadata url :
               channel URLs :
              package cache : C:\Users\Jerry\anaconda3\pkgs
           envs directories : C:\Users\Jerry\anaconda3\envs
                   platform : win-64
                 user-agent : conda/4.10.1 requests/2.25.1 CPython/3.8.8 Windows/7 Windows/6.1.7601
              administrator : False
                 netrc file : None
               offline mode : False
    (base) C:\Users\Jerry>
  4. You can get the anaconda installed directory from the active env location item of the above information.
  5. You can also run the command where anaconda, and where python in the above anaconda prompt window to get the accurate python installed directory.

3. Get The Python Installed Directory By Executing Python Script.

  1. Open a terminal and run the command python to go to the Python interactive console.
  2. Then run the below command in the above console to print out the current Python installed directory.
    >>> import sys
    >>> sys.exec_prefix

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