How To Enable / Disable Bluehost Endurance Page Cache

If you find your website page load slowly, you can first use below tools to test how slowly it is. Either of them give you detail page load time sequence in diagram.


1. Do You Need Install A Cache Plugin?

To speed up your website, you can use below methods.

  1. Add a cache plugin such as wp super cache.
  2. Use a cdn such as cloudflare to make your website secure and fast. Please read article CloudFlare Plus SSL To Make Your WordPress Fast And Secure for detail introduction.
  3. Both use cache and cdn.

In my opinion, i like just use cloudflare if your website is hosted in a VPS server just like me, because wp super cache often make some confuse issue.

But if you use a shared host website, you had better use wp super cache because the shared host resource is shared by a lot of website, this can take down your website performance largely.

If you use bluehost service, they have already installed a cache plugin which they developed by default, but you can not see it in your wordpress plugins dashboard.

The cache plugin is called endurance-page-cache. It translate php files to static html files. Then send those html files back when client user request. This can reduce php execution time because it do not execute php when client user request. So you do not need to install any other cache plugin at all.

2. How To Enable / Disable Bluehost Endurance Page Cache.

The endurance-page-cache php script is saved in your wordpress website wp-content/mu-plugins folder as below. There are three php files that run this plugin.

  1. php-edge.php
  2. endurance-browser-cache.php
  3. endurance-page-cache.php
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If you want to disable them, just rename above file names as below. If you want to enable them just change the file name back to original.

bluehost endurance page cache plugin execution php files


Besides wp-content/mu-plugins folder, you may find another folder wp-content/endurance-page-cache. This is just the static html file saved folder which this cache plugin generated.

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