How To Download APK From Google Play Online

When you install an android app from the google play website. You can install it directly to your mobile device by clicking the Installed button on the webpage. But if you want to download the android app APK source file, there is no way to do it directly. This article will tell you how to download the Android APK file directly to your PC machine from the google play website.

1. Install APK Downloader.

  1. If you want to download the android app APK source file from the Google Play website directly, you need to install the APK downloader chrome extension in the google chrome browser.
  2. Open google chrome browser and input chrome://apps in the url address bar. Then click the Web Store icon in the browser to open the chrome extension web store.
  3. Input keyword apk downloader in left panel search box, then there will list related google chrome extensions.
  4. Click the APK Downloader chrome extension to install it to your chrome browser.

2. Download Android APK From Google Play.

  1. After the APK Downloader chrome extension has been installed, you can see there is a robot icon displayed at the top right corner after url address bar in the google chrome browser.
  2. Now when you open the google chrome and input the android app url in the address bar. You can see there will add a Download APK red button below the original Installed green button. Click the Download APK button will download the android app APK source file directly to your local machine.
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APK Downloader Online – Download the free APK from Google Play Store
Recently, I’m looking for a tip to help download files from Google Play Store. With APK Downloader Online, you can download any application or game from Play Store. Similar to APK file. Here is the link to download APK Downloader online:


Same here. I download apk files from the site known to be safe (apkpure, apknite, etc.). Also had their extension. It’s quick and secure. good overall

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