How To Connect iPhone Hotspot To Computer Windows 7 Without USB

My desktop computer installed the Windows 7 OS, and I plug a USB wireless network card into it to connect with my router. But how can I use my iPhone hotspot as the router and use my Windows 7 PC to connect to it? This article will tell you the answer.

1. How To Connect iPhone Hotspot From Windows 7 With WiFi.

  1. Press the Settings icon on the iPhone screen.
  2. Press the Personal Hotspot on the Settings screen.
  3. Turn on the Allow others to join toggle button.
  4. Input a password for WiFi connection.
  5. The last and most important step is to turn on the Maximise Compatability switch button.
  6. When you turn on the Maximise Compatability toggle button, the iPhone hotspot WiFi can be discovered by the wireless network card which supports the 2.4G WiFi network only.
  7. If you do not turn on the Maximise Compatability toggle button, iPhone only supports the 5G WiFi network, then if your wireless network card is too old, then it can not find and connect to the iPhone hotspot.
  8. Now you can find the iPhone hotspot on the Windows WiFi list and connect to it to browse the internet.

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