How To Change Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel etc ) Display And Editing Language

My excel display language is Chinese by default, but for some reason, I need to change the excel display language to English. This article will tell you how to change the excel display and editing language, and after that, you will find the whole office software display and editing language has all been changed as you want.

1. Open Microsoft Excel Language Settings Window.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel, then click the File —> Options —> Options menu item.
  2. Click the Language item on the left side of the popup Excel Options window, then you can see two sections on the right side, they are Choose Editing Languages and Choose Display and Help Languages.

2. Change Microsoft Excel Editing, Display, and Help Language.

  1. Change excel Editing Language is very easy and straightforward. You just need to select the required language from the [Add additional editing languages] drop-down list at the Change Editing Language area and click Add button to add it.
  2. To change Display and Help Language you need to click the Get more Display and Help languages from link if you do not find the desired language in the Display Language and Help Language drop-down list.
  3. When you click the above link, it will open a web browser and direct you to the office install language web page.
  4. Click the office version tab in step 1 and select the language from the Which language do you need? drop-down list. Then it will show the language package download link below the language drop-down list.
  5. There are download links for 32-bit and 64-bit office version software, download the package which matches your office bit version.
  6. Click the download language package ( for office 2010 the package name is OfficeLangPack_English_x86.exe, for office 2016 the package name is OfficeSetup.exe ) to install it.
  7. After installing the language package, open Microsoft office excel, click the File —> Options —> Options menu item to open the Excel Options dialog.
  8. Click the Language item on the left side. Then at the right panel Choose Display and Help Languages section, select the display language which you want from the selection list, and move the language to the top by clicking the up arrow button.
  9. Click the OK button to save the changes and restart office excel then you can find the excel display language has been changed. And when you open other MS office software such as Word, the language has also been changed.
  10. If you use office 2016, the File —> Options —> Language settings window is something different than above after you install the OfficeSetup.exe. The top area in the language settings window is the Office display language area, the bottom area is Office authoring languages and proofing.

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