Matplotlib Patches Example

This example will tell you how to use the matplotlib.patches module to draw filled shapes. It will draw 4 shapes, a green rectangle, a blue circle, a red ellipse, and a blue polygon.

1. How To Use Matplotlib.patches Module To Draw Filled Shape.

  1. You should import the matplotlib.patches module.
  2. Then you can use it’s below methods to create related shape with filled colors.
  3. Rectangle(xywidthheightangle=0.0**kwargs): create a rectangle with filled color.
  4. Circle(xy, radius=5, **kwargs): create a circle with filled color.
  5. Ellipse(xywidthheightangle=0**kwargs): create a ellipse with filled color.
  6. RegularPolygon(xynumVerticesradius=5orientation=0**kwargs): create a regular polygon with filled color.

2. Matplotlib Patches Example.

  1. The below example will create 4 shapes with filled colors, a green rectangle, a cyan circle, a red ellipse, and a blue polygon.
  2. Below is the example source code.
    import numpy as np
    import matplotlib.patches as patches
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
    def matplotlib_patches_example():
        # get sub plots of the current canvas.
        # draw a green rectangle
        # create the rectangle anchor point ( the bottom left point ) coordinates in an array.
        rectangle_anchor_point_coordinates_array = np.array([0.35,0.3])
        # create the rectangle width, height, and fill color variable.
        rectangle_width = 0.35
        rectangle_height = 0.3
        rectangle_fill_color = 'g'
        # invoke the matplotlib.patches's Rectangle() method to create the rectangle object with the provided parameters.
        rect = patches.Rectangle(rectangle_anchor_point_coordinates_array, rectangle_width, rectangle_height,color = rectangle_fill_color)
        # add the rectangle object to the axes.
        # draw a circle.
        circle_center_point_coordinates_array_= np.array([0.3,0.8])
        circle_radius = 0.15
        circle_fill_color = 'c'
        circle = patches.Circle(circle_center_point_coordinates_array_, circle_radius, color = circle_fill_color)
        # draw a red ellipse.
        ellipse_center_point_coordinates_array = np.array([0.55,0.2])
        ellipse_major_axis_radius = 0.3
        ellipse_minor_axis_radius = 0.1
        ellipse_fill_color = 'r'
        ellipse = patches.Ellipse(ellipse_center_point_coordinates_array, ellipse_major_axis_radius, ellipse_minor_axis_radius,color = ellipse_fill_color)
        # draw a polygon.
        polygon_center_point_coordinates_array = np.array([0.7,0.8])
        polygon_border_number = 9
        polygon_radiu = 0.15
        polygon_fill_color = 'b'
        polygon = patches.RegularPolygon(polygon_center_point_coordinates_array, polygon_border_number , polygon_radiu, color = polygon_fill_color)
        # make the x & y axis equal.
    if __name__ == '__main__':
  3. When you run the above example, you will get the below figure.

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