How To View iOS & Android Device Screen Remotely From MacOS And Windows

This article will tell you how to view iOS or Android device screens remotely from a macOS or Windows computer.

1. View iOS Device Screen Remotely On Mac Using QuickTime Player.

  1. Connect your iOS device to the macOS computer with a USB cable line.
  2. Turn on the Screen Mirroring item on the iOS control center.
  3. Open QuickTime Player on a macOS computer.
  4. Click the File —> New Movie Recording menu item on the QuickTime player top menu bar to open the Movie Recording window.
  5. You can see there is a red circle button ( the record button ) on the window bottom center.
  6. Besides the red record button, there is a down arrow, click this arrow will display your iOS device in the drop-down menu list.
  7. Select the iOS device from the above menu list, then you will see the iOS screen on the QuickTime player movie recording window.

2. View iOS & Android Device Screen Remotely On Mac & Windows Using TeamViewer.

  1. TeamViewer has a free version that you can use for none commercial usage.
  2. You can download and install the TeamViewer on both macOS, Windows, iOS, Android devices.
  3. You also need to install the TeamViewer QuickSupport on both iOS and Android devices.
  4. Start the TeamViewer QuickSupport and get the partner id from the app’s screen.
  5. You should register a free TeamViewer account.
  6. Then start the TeamViewer application on Windows or macOS.
  7. Login to the TeamViewer with the registered user account.
  8. For the free usage version, TeamViewer is used for a limited number of devices. But you can create multiple TeamViewer free accounts for personal usage.
  9. In the TeamViewer dashboard window, click the Remote Control item on the window left side.
  10. Input the iOS or Android device TeamViewer QuickSupport partner id on the right side Control Remote Computer —> Partner ID input text box.
  11. Select the radio button Remote Control, and click the Connect button.
  12. Press the Allow button on Allow remote support window that is popped up on the iOS or Android device.
  13. Press the Start Broadcast radio button on the iOS or Android device.
  14. Press the Start Broadcast menu item on the next pop-up dialog.
  15. Now you can see your iOS or Android device screen on the macOS or Windows using the TeamViewer free version.
  16. If you want to remote control the iOS or Android device on macOS or Windows, you can buy a license.

3. Mirroring iOS & Android Device Screen Using AirDroid Cast.

  1. The AirDroid Cast is free software that can mirror your iOS or Android screen to the Mac or PC.
  2. You can go to its official website to download and install the application for iOS, Android, PC, or Mac.
  3. After that, start the AirDrod Cast application on the PC or Mac.
  4. Start the iOS or Android AirDrop Cast app also, and click the scan button on the mobile device app to scan the QR code generated on the PC or Mac computer.
  5. Click the OK button on the iPhone side to allow connecting.
  6. Click the Allow button on the PC side to allow connecting also.
  7. Click the Start Broadcast button on the iPhone side twice to broadcast the iPhone screen to the PC.
  8. Now you can mirror the iOS or Android device screen to the PC or Mac.
  9. Besides this, you can also share device sound, Microphone, sound to PC also.
  10. There are a lot of ios/android screen mirroring applications, you can find them by searching the keyword screen mirroring to pc mac in the App Store to get them.
  11. You can share which one is most good to use and free in the comments.

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