How To Switch Between VirtualBox Host And Guest OS

I run VirtualBox in my Mac OS. And i install CentOS linux as a virtual machine OS in VirtualBox. When i start the CentOS virtual machine, and when i focus into the virtual machine by click the mouse key in it, i can not go back to my Mac OS easily, this make me crazy. Finally i find the shortcut key to switch between VirtualBox host ( Mac OS ) and guest ( CentOS Linux ) OS.

1. Shortcut Key To Switch Between VirtualBox Host And Guest OS.

  1. Press control + tab + command  key in mac os keyboard.
  2. If you find above method do not take effect, then press control + tab key first then press command key at same time. If you still can not switch, then try it for several times, finally you can get out from the virtual machine os.
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