How To Submit Page Url In Google Search Console New Version

If you are a blogger or publisher, you should know google is the most valuable traffic driver engine. So after you write an original article with hard work, the first thing is to let google crawl and index the article content, this can let google know you are the original owner of that article.

Google provides a search console tool for you to do this, but now from 2019/03/28, you can not submit your web page in the old version of google search console, you should use the new version, this article will tell you how to do it.

1. Submit Web Page To Google Use Old Version Google Search Console.

  1. Login to the google search console with your Google account.
  2. Then click the ADD A PROPERTY button on the top right corner to add your website to the search console as a property.
  3. After that, click the website url link to go to the property dashboard.
  4. Then click the Crawl —> Fetch as Google menu item in the left panel.
  5. Input your article url context path ( for example how-to-submit-page-url-in-google-search-console-new-version ) in the right panel input box after your website domain below the Fetch as Google title text, then select Desktop in the drop-down list after the input text box, click the FETCH button after it to retrieve the web page.
  6. Select Mobile: Smartphone in the drop-down list and click the FETCH button again to make google crawl your web page mobile version.
  7. After the above action, there is a button with text Request indexing at the end of each web page url, click this button to tell Google to index the web page.
  8. Before indexing, Google will display a reCAPTCHA window to verify that the action is performed by a real person, just check the I’m not a robot checkbox and select Crawl only this URL radio button, then click the Go button to send the request to google to index the web page.

2. Submit Web Page To Google Use New Version Google Search Console.

As you can see from Google search console —> Crawl —> Fetch as Google page, there is a warning message that said this old google search console will expire in Mar 28, 2019, so we had better know how to use the new search console to submit your web page to google index.

  1. Open the Google search console —> Crawl —> Fetch as Google page, click the blue Use new Search Console button at the top right corner.
  2. Then it will show the new google search console web page.
  3. Input your web page url in the Inspect any URL in “your domain” input text box at the page top area.
  4. It will pop up a progress dialog tell you that Google is processing.
  5. When the process is complete, you can see the web page with the text pane URL is not on Google to tell you that the url is not indexed by google.
  6. Then click the REQUEST INDEXING link at the bottom right corner of the URL is not on Google text pane to send a request to google to index the url.

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