How To See How Long Windows Was Running & When Windows Was Turned On

This article will tell you how long your Windows PC was running and when your windows PC is turned on.

1. How To Check How Long Your Windows PC Was Running.

  1. Right-click the Windows taskbar, then click the Task Manager menu item in the popup menu list to open the task manager window.
  2. Click the Performance tab in the task manager window.
  3. Click the CPU item on the left side.
  4. Then you can find the Windows running time duration on the right side Up time area.

2. How To Find When The Windows PC Was Turned On.

  1. Open a dos window on the windows.
  2. If you use a Windows server, you can right-click the Windows start-up icon and then click the Command Prompt menu item to open it.
  3. Input the command net stats srv in the command window and run it, then you can find when the Windows was turned on.
    C:>net stats srv
    Server Statistics for \\WIN-CE62C9I6UF
    Statistics since 4/18/2022 9:12:36 AM
    Sessions accepted                  0
    Sessions timed-out                 0
    Sessions errored-out               0
    Kilobytes sent                     11
    Kilobytes received                 0
    Mean response time (msec)          0
    System errors                      0
    Permission violations              0
    Password violations                0
    Files accessed                     22
    Communication devices accessed     0
    Print jobs spooled                 0
    Times buffers exhausted
      Big buffers                      0
      Request buffers                  0
    The command completed successfully.

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