How To Route Incoming Emails Directly To A Folder In Gmail

There are more and more emails in your gmail inbox, and it makes you crazy to read them. Then you may want to classify the inbound emails to different category automatically when the email arrives. This article will tell you how to route different source emails to different category in gmail.

1. Create Gmail Label.

Gmail use label to give the email a category instead of folder, so first you should create a gmail label follow below steps.

  1. Login to you gmail account, scroll down at left navigation pane, until you see the More link, click it to expand hidden menu items, scroll down and click Create new label menu item.
    gmail - more - create a new label
  2. Enter a new label name in the popup New label dialog, and you can select it’s parent label in Nest label under drop down list.
    gmail - new label - popup dialog
  3. Click Create button to create the label. Then you can see it in gmail left navigation pane.

2. Create Gmail Filter and Apply The Filter To Above Label.

There are two methods to create gmail filters.

2.1 Create Gmail Filter By Search Email.

  1. In gmail Inbox page, click the drop down arrow at the end of Search mail input text box.
  2. Input the search mail condition value in the popup dialog. I just input in the From input text box, then all emails sent from gmail will be filtered by this filter.
    gmail - create new filter in search mail search box
  3. You can click Search button to verify the search result and then click Create filter link to create the filter.
  4. In the next wizard dialog, check the Apply the label checkbox, and select an exist label from the drop down list after it.
    gmail - create search filter - apply to label
  5. Click Create filter button to create the filter, when the filtered email arrive it will be labeled with the selected label. Then you can click the label to see related emails.
  6. Please note the filter is only enabled for new incoming email.

2.2 Manage Gmail Filters In Gmail Settings.

  1. Click Gmail Settings —> See all settings button.
    gmail - settings - see all settings - button
  2. Click Filters and Blocked Addresses tab link at top area, then it will list all existing filters. You can add new filters, edit or delete existing filters there.
    gmail - settings - filters and blocked addresses

2.3 Move Existing Email To Special Label.

If you want to move some existing emails to a special gmail label, please follow below steps.

  1. Search out all the emails that you want to move to target label.
  2. Check the checkbox to select them.
  3. Right click the email records, click Label as menu item, then select or search a label in the next menu list.
    gmail - label as
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