How To Check CPU Usage And Server Load In WHM To Fix Website Performance Issue

My website host provider use WHM ( Web Host Manager ) to manage multiple websites that is CPanel based. WHM is a very good tool to monitor website performance, you can use it to check cpu , ram and diskspace usage percentage, it can also monitor and manage server processes. It is a all-in-one platform for a web master to monitor and diagnosis website performance issues. This article will tell you how to use it to check web server status and find the most cpu or memory cost server process.

1. Check Website Server Status.

  1. Login to WHM, click Server Status —> Service Status menu item at left navigation menu list.
    whm - server status - service status menu
  2. Then you can see your server status summary at right side, the summary includes running services list, server load score, memory used, disk space used etc. If one status is red, that means there are some error for that status. For example, in below picture the server load status is red, it means my server cpu cost so much.
    check server load status in whm server status menu list
  3. To fix the server load issue, you can click Server Status —> Daily Process Log menu item at left to display today’s process summary info. From the daily process log, you can see which user and process cost most cpu usage today, then you can fix the issue accordingly. In below picture, we can see process php-fpm: pool cost most cpu usage.
    whm - server status - daily process log
  4. Click Server Status —> Task Queue Monitor menu to see the tasks in the queue. I see below task in the queue, the command for this task is ensure_fpm_on_boot.
    whm - server status - task queue monitor
  5. The Server Status —> Apache Status menu item will display http request records.
  6. The Server Status —> Server Information menu will display detail server cpu, memory disk information in number.

2. Check Server Process Status.

  1. If there are high cpu cost, memory used process in Server Status —> Daily Process Log, next step we can go to WHM —> System Health menu list to get more process related information.
  2. Click System Health —> Process Manager menu item, it will list all the process which are running currently. You can click column title CPU % to order the process by cpu usage percentage. Then you can get the most cpu cost processes that is currently running.
    whm - system health - process manager
  3. You can click column title Memory % to order processes by memory usage percentage, then you can know which process use the most memory.
  4. Click System Health —> Show Current Disk Usage menu item will list used and free disk percentage.
  5. Click System Health —> Show Current Running Processes menu, it will list all current running process id, name, execute file and trigger command.
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