How To Resolve Windows Remote Desktop Clipboard ( Copy & Paste ) Not Working

When I use the Windows remote desktop manager to manage a remote machine, I sometimes meet the below issue. The copy and paste function from the local machine to the remote machine does not take effect, so I can not transfer data between the local and the remote machine by copy and paste. This issue makes me waste a lot of time. After investigating, I finally find the below solution to resolve the issue.

1. Resolve RDP Copy & Paste Not Working With Command-Line.

  1. Log in to the remote machine with the Windows remote desktop manager.
  2. Open a dos window and execute the below command.
    >Taskkill.exe /im rdpclip.exe
    SUCCESS: Sent termination signal to the process "rdpc1ip.exe" with PID 2816
  3. Now the copy and paste function between local and remote machine take effect again.

2. Resolve RDP Copy & Paste Not Working With Windows Task Manager.

  1. Log in to the remote desktop as administrator.
  2. Right-click the bottom task menu bar and click the Task Manager menu item in the popup menu list to open the windows task manager.
  3. Click the Processes tab, scroll down to find and select the rdpclip.exe process, then click the End Process button to kill the rdpclip.exe process.
  4. Click the Applications tab, click the New Task button, and input rdpclip.exe in the input text box,  click OK.
  5. Now the new rdpclip process has been created again and the copy & paste function between local and remote machines takes effect again.

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