How To Mirror Android Screen On Mac, PC Via USB

When you develop an android app and test the app in your mobile phone, you may want to mirror the android device screen to your working machine like Mac or PC. In that way you can operate the android phone on the Mac or PC monitor instead of touch the mobile device screen repeatedly. This can save your time and improve working performance and even protect your neck from cervical spondylopathy.

Another case that need to mirror android screen to Mac or PC is that if you can not access website such as in Mac or PC, and the quora android app can be used, so by mirror the app screen to machine monitor can resolve this issue. This article will tell you how to mirror your android device screen to Mac or PC monitor.

1. Install Vysor.

Vysor is a software that can mirror your android device screen to Mac or PC, so first you need to install it to your machine.

  1. Download vysor related to your OS.
  2. After download, double click the download file to install it, the process is easy enough.

2. Mirror Android Device Screen To Mac or PC Monitor.

  1. Connect android device to Mac / PC use a USB line.
  2. Enable USB debugging mode in the android device. You can read article How To Enable USB Debugging Mode On Android Device
  3. Open Vysor application, it will scan the connected android device if there has.
  4. If you find the error message No devices found. Make sure Android USB Debugging is enabled. You should check whether your android device USB debug mode has been enabled correctly or not.
    vysor can not found devices
  5. Then open Vysor again after reenable USB debug mode in android device. You can find the android device in the Vysor software.
    vysor find android device
  6. Click the green View button, it will prompt a window that will show the android device screen, you can interact with the android device there.
    android screen displayed in vysor
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