How To Know If DNS Propagation Is Complete

When you change your domain’s DNS name server, you know that it needs 24 – 48 hours to make the name server change propagate to all DNS name servers all over the world.

Then you can add/edit A record in your new DNS name server’s DNS zone file to let the domain point to a new IP address, then your user can browse new content of the domain saved in the new IP address related web server.

If you want to monitor the DNS name server change propagation process status or to monitor whether your domain has pointed to a new IP address or not in different world areas, you can follow the below steps.

1. Steps To Verify DNS Name Server Change Propagation Process Status.

  1. There are some website tools like,
  2. Open the above tool website, input your domain name, and select NS ( Authoritative nameserver ( domain name )) from the drop-down list after the domain name input textbox, then click the Search button to return the result list below the button.
  3. One result row is separated into three columns. The first column is the ISP name and located country and city. The second column is the domain DNS name server that is stored in the ISP DNS cache server. The third column is either a Check Mark ( it means the name server record does spread to all the local DNS servers in the country area ) or a Cross Mark ( it means that the name server is not propagated yet to that location and it is under propagation time. Propagation time can vary depending on the geographical location. Normally, the domain DNS takes 0-8 hours and is known to take up to 48 hours maximum to completely propagate.).
  4. When all the result rows’ second column’s value is the correct name server which you have configured, and all rows’ third column’s value is Check Mark, it means the DNS name server propagation complete successfully.
  5. If you want to monitor the domain mapped IP address propagation status in different country areas. You should select A from the drop-down list, then click the Search button. The search result item is similar to the NS record query result.

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