How To Install VMware Fusion Virtual Machine On Mac Correctly

This article will tell you how to install VMware Fusion on MacOS, how to resolve problems like“Could not open /dev/vmmon: No such file or directory.” during the installation process and how to create a windows 7 virtual machine on MacOS correctly.

1. Download And Install VMware Fusion For Mac.

  1. Click here to download VMware Fusion MacOS version.
  2. Double click the dmg file to install it correctly.

2. Create Windows 7 Virtual Machine.

  1. Click Finder in desktop dock.
    mac finder command icon new
  2. Click Go —> Applications in Finder app top menu bar. Double click VMware Fusion app in right panel to start it.
    macos finder go applications vmware fusion
  3. Click File —> New in VMware Fusion top menu bar to open the Install from disk or image dialog. Choose Create a custom virtual machine in right panel.
    macos vmware fusion create a custom virtual machine
  4. Click Continue button and select Windows 7 x64 in the virtual machine list. Click Continue button again. And select Create a new virtual disk option then click Finish.
  5. If you meet error messages such as “Could not open /dev/vmmon: No such file or directory.”, You can follow below steps to fix it.
    could not open dvm vmmom error

3. Fix Could Not Open /dev/vmmon Error During Virtual Machine Creation.

  1. Click Apple start menu —> System Preferences… menu item.
    macos system preferences menu item
  2. Click Security & Privacy in System Preferences popup dialog. Click Allow button to enable VMware to create virtual machine.
    allow create virtual machine in vmware
  3. Also make sure select radio button App Store and identified developers in Allow apps downloaded from section. If you can not change it, click the bottom left lock icon to make the radio button clickable.
  4. Now click VMware Fusion app to go back to VMware Fusion screen, click File —> Open in top menu bar and select just created Windows 7 x 64 virtual machine file.
  5. Click Virtual Machines —> CD / DVD (SATA) —> Choose Disc or Disc Image menu item. Select the Windows 7 iso file and click the triangle start image in the virtual machine window to start windows 7 installation. The installation process is same as install windows 7 in physical machine.
    vmware fusion choose virtual machine disk image
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