How To Merge Disk Partitions In Mac

If you install both MacOS and Windows OS in Mac computer, some times you may need to remove Windows OS and use only MacOS again. This article will tell you how to remove Windows OS on Mac computer.

1. Backup Important Files In Windows OS First.

Before you remove Windows OS, it is a good habit to review and backup important documents or files in it. Press Option button when start Mac and select windows to enter windows OS to do backup.

2. Remove Windows Partition In Mac.

After backup important files and documents in Windows. Restart Mac and log into MacOS. Then follow below steps to remove and merge partitions.

  1. Click Finder app in desktop dock.
    mac finder command icon new
  2. Click Go —> Utilities menu in top menu bar.
    finder go utilities
  3. Double click Disk Utility app in right panel to open it.
    double click disk utility app
  4. Choose the windows partition in left panel and click Erase or Unmount button in top menu to remove it.
    erase windows partition

3. Merge Two Partitions In Mac.

Now click Partition button in top menu. It will show all partitions in the hard disk. If you want to delete one, just click or double click it to select it and then click minus ( – ) button at bottom to remove that partition. Click Apply button to make the change take effect. Now there is only one partition for mac to use.

delete partition in mac disk utility

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