How To Fix Xcode iOS Simulator App Do Not Display Keyboard Automatically Error

When i develop and run iOS app in Xcode iOS simulator ( such as iPhone or iPad ), i find the keyboard do not displayed automatically when i click the mouse key on a text field or text view ui component like below. This confused me some time, and finally i find the method to resolve it.

In below picture when i click mouse key on text field ( Input job title text box ) or text view ( green text area ), it do not prompt the keyboard automatically, this is not what i need.

when click text field in xcode ios simulator do not show keyboard automatically

Below picture shows correct behavior, when single finger press ( or mouse key single click ) the text field or text view area, it should prompt the keyboard automatically. When click different ui component, the keyboard will be changed automatically also.

display keyboard automatically in xcode ios simulator app when press text field

Below is the steps to fix this issue.

  1. Select the iOS simulator window by click it.
  2. Click the simulator menu Hardware —> Keyboard, check the Connect Hardware Keyboard sub menu and then uncheck it at once. Now the keyboard will be prompted automatically when you click the text field or text view ui component in simulator.
    click simulator's hardware ---> keyboard ---> menu
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  1. What a simple solution. Thanks a lot. It worked.
    I found that you can use shortcut: (cmd + k ) to bring keyboard up whenever you want.


  2. Oh my GOD! Apple, this is not a feature. This is a bug that wastes a bunch of time. Fix your bugs already!


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