How To Fix Unable To Access Android Sdk Add-on List When Run Android Studio For The First Time

When i run android studio on mac os for the fist time after install it, it popup a dialog with error message Unable To Access Android Sdk Add-on List like below. This article will tell you how to fix this issue.

unable to access android sdk add on list

1. Fix Unable To Access Android SDK Add-On List Error Steps.

  1. Click Cancel button in above popup dialog. Then it will show you Missing SDK window.
    missing sdk wizard window
  2. Just click Next button in above window then it will popup android SDK Component Setup window.
    android sdk component setup wizard window
  3. Select the android SDK component in left list panel. By default, it will list the most recent android SDK version. Then click Next button,  Then it will download the android sdk component that you select.
  4. But if you can not see above popup window, maybe your java version is not suitable for the android studio. So you need to change you default java version to such as java 8. You can find related article in the references section at the end of this article.
  5. When download complete, click Finish button, then it will open android studio welcome page.

2. Add Other Android SDK Platform In Android Studio.

If you want to use other android SDK platform when you run android studio, you can follow below steps. Below android studio is run on mac os x.

  1. Open android studio.
  2. Click Android Studio —> Preferences… menu item at top right in mac os.
    android studio preferences menu item
  3. Then it will open the android studio preferences window. Click Appearance & Behavior —> System Settings —> Android SDK  menu item in left panel list, it will show all the available android SDK platform list in right preferences sdk list
  4. Select the android SDK platform you want to install and click OK button, then it will popup a Confirm Change window, click OK button to confirm the changes.
    android preferences sdk list comfirm changes dialog
  5. Now the agree license window will popup, select Accept radio button, then click Next button to start download and install the selected android SDK platform. After download, click Finish button. Now go to android studio preferences Android SDK panel to check the new SDK has been checked.
    android studio preferences install sdk platform agree license window

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