How To Enable Root User Or Change Root Password In MacOS

The root user is not enabled by default in MacOS. So when you run some installation program which always need root permission you should get errors. The error message maybe confuse you, it some times tell you the password is wrong but the real reason is that the root user has never been enabled at all. This article will tell you how to enable root user or change it’s password when you need.

1. Enable Root User In MacOS Steps.

  1. Click Finder — > Go —> Computer —> MacHD —> System —> Library —> CoreServices —> Applications folder. There is a application named Directory Utility.
    macos directory utility path
  2. Double click Directory Utility icon to open the application.
    macos directory utility application
  3. Click the lock icon at the left bottom corner to make it editable.
  4. Then click Edit —> Enable Root User in the top menu bar to enable it. If the root user has been enabled there is a Disable Root User menu item.
    enable root user or change root user password menu item
  5. You can click the Change Root Password menu item there to change the password.
  6. After enable the root user, give it a password and remember then you can execute the applications that need root permission.
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