How Can You Add Looping And Bouncing Effects To iPhone Live Photos

When you use iPhone to take photos, you can take live photos. You can also add some effects to your live photos, this article will tell you what is apple’s live photos, and how to take live photos and add looping and bouncing effects to the live photos.

1. What is Apple’s Live Photos.

  1. Apple’s Live Photos is a feature available on iPhone 6s and later models that captures a few seconds of video and audio both before and after a photo is taken.
  2. When the Live Photo is viewed, it appears as a still image, but with a long press or a swipe, it comes to life to show the moments just before and after the photo was taken.
  3. The feature aims to capture memories and moments in a more lively and dynamic way than traditional still photos.
  4. Live Photos can also be edited with a variety of effects and shared with others.

2. How To Add Looping, Bouncing Effects To Apple Live Photos.

  1. To add looping and bouncing effects to Apple Live Photos, follow these steps.
  2. Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Select the Live Photo you want to add effects to.
  4. Click the down arrow besides the Live drop-down list on the photo’s top left corner.
  5. Then it will show an effects list ( includes Loop, Bounce, Long Exposure ) in the drop-down menu list.
  6. Choose either Loop or Bounce to preview the photo effects.
  7. Looping effect will create a continuous loop of the Live Photo.
  8. While Bouncing effect will make the Live Photo play forward, then backward, then forward again, creating a bouncing effect.
  9. If you are satisfied with the effect, tap the circle button that contains 3 dots in it ( located on the top right corner of the screen ).
  10. Then you can select the menu items such as Copy, Duplicate, Add to Album to do more actions.
  11. There is also a Revert to Original menu item in the menu list, you can choose it to revert the photo to the original status.
  12. You can also tap the Share button ( an up arrow located on the bottom left corner of the screen ) to share the photo to others.

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