Java DecimalFormat Example

We often need to format numbers, such as taking two decimal places for a number, show only the integer part of a number, etc. Java provides java.text.DecimalFormat class, which can help you to format numbers use your specified pattern as quickly as possible.

Java TimeZone Example

When you set a date-time value in java, you may encounter a timezone issue. You will find the date-time you get use java.util.Calendar class will always use the system default timezone. This example will tell you how to change it to show the date-time in your desired timezone.

Java I/O(Input/Output) Overview

Java I/O(Input/Output) handles the task for getting data from a source or saving data to a target. Packages and java.nio is used to handle I/O issues. In this topic we will give you a general overview about the two packages and introduce new features in java.nio.