Spring Autowire Use @Component, @Repository, @Service and @Controller Annotations

Besides define Spring beans in configuration file, Spring also provide some java annotation interface for you to make Spring bean declaration simple and easy. These interfaces are also called stereotype annotation. They are @Component, @Repository, @Service and @Controller. If you want to reference such a bean, you just need to annotate that field with @Autowired …

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Autowire Spring Bean By Name Examples

Besides declare spring bean dependencies in bean configuration file, spring framework provide autowire function to make bean dependency declaration easily. There are below autowire modes, they are no autowire, by bean name, by bean class type, by constructor. This article will show you examples about autowire bean by name.

Autowire Spring Bean By Type Examples

If you set a spring bean’s autowire attribute’s value to “byType” in bean configuration xml file, then it’s property will be autowired to a same type spring bean in current spring application context. If can not find any matching bean, then nothing happened, if there are two or more matching bean, then spring framework will …

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