How To View Multiple Pictures On Mac Continuously

When you view pictures on Mac OS, you may find you can only view one picture at one time. If you want to view another image picture, you should close the first image viewer, and then click and open the second image in a new image preview viewer. This is not user friendly. This article will tell you how to view multiple image pictures on mac continuously.

1. How To View Single Image Picture On Mac.

  1. Open Finder and go to your image picture files folder.
  2. Select one image picture by click mouse key.
  3. Press Space key to view it, it will open an image viewer for you to view it. If you press the Space key again, it will close the image viewer.

2. How To View Multiple Image Pictures On Mac Continuously.

  1. Press Shift key + Mouse button to select multiple image picture files in finder.
  2. Now press Space key in keyboard, it will open an image picture viewer, and you can find the previous & next navigator button at top left corner of the image viewer, then you can click those two button to view the image picture continuously.

3. View Multiple Image Pictures Continuously In Mac OS Preview App.

  1. The method 2 can help you to view the multiple picture continuously, but you should view the multiple images one by one in order, if you want to jump to view the picture which you want, please follow this method.
  2. Click the Launchpad in Mac OS docker.
  3. Then search keyword Preview in the launchpad search box.
  4. Open app Preview by click it.
  5. Click File —> Open menu item at Preview app top menu bar, then browse and select multiple image pictures that you want to view.
  6. After above steps, you can see a picture list panel in the Preview app left side, and you can jump to view any picture that you like.

1 thought on “How To View Multiple Pictures On Mac Continuously”

  1. The description simply doesn’t work. The way it used to before upgrading to Catalina was perfect and far superior and simpler than this silly arrangement now. My need is to view many thumbnails at once without messing with the app.

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