How To Use Python To Execute Sql Script Read From External SQL File In SQLite Database

The python SQLite database module’s cursor object contains a executescript() method, this method is not a standard API method, which means that it may not be available in other database API modules. But this method is practical, and it can execute a SQL script in a string or read from an external SQL file. This example will show you examples of how to use it.

1. How to execute SQL script string read from external SQL file in python example.

  1. Below python source code contains two functions, the function execute_sql_script(sql_script_string) will execute the passed in sql script string, the function execute_external_sql_script_file(script_file_path) will read out the the sql script string from the passed in sql file and then call execute_sql_script(sql_script_string) to run  the sql script string.
    import sqlite3
    db_name = 'test-sqlite.db'
    # This function will connect to the sqlite3 database and then execute the sql script string use the cursor.executescript() function.
    def execute_sql_script(sql_script_string):
        # Connect to sqlite3 database.
        conn = sqlite3.connect(db_name)
        # Open the cursor.
        cursor = conn.cursor()
        # Run the sql script string.
        # Commit the above operation.
        # Close the cursor object.
        # Close the connection object.
        print('Execute sql script ' + sql_script_string + ' complete.')
    # This function will read the sql script text from the external sql file and then run the sql script text.
    def execute_external_sql_script_file(script_file_path):
        # Open the external sql file.
        file = open(script_file_path, 'r')
        # Read out the sql script text in the file.
        sql_script_string =
        # Close the sql file object.
        # Execute the read out sql script string.
    if __name__ == '__main__':
        # Create a sql script string, it contains two insert sql statements and one create table sql statement.
        sql_script_string = '''
        insert into user_account values( null,'jerry','123456789','[email protected]' );
        insert into user_account values( null,'tom','123456789','[email protected]' );
        create table user_info(
           id integer primary key autoincrement,
           age text,
           sex text
        # Execute the sql script string directly.
        # Execute the sql script string read from the passed in sql file.

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