How To Update Excel Existing Row Number Automatically After Inserts A New Row

After inserting a new row in the excel table, how to automatically update the row number of the existing row which have to move down? This article will tell you how to implement it.

1. Auto Update Existing Row Number After Insert A New Row In Excel Steps.

  1. Suppose there are 10 rows in a table. The first cell in each row ( column A ) is the table row number, and the row number starts with 1.
  2. Now you insert a row after the table row 5, and the next existing table row number should be changed to 7, and the later table rows number should increase 1 accordingly, but it does not change anymore.
  3. To fix this issue, we enter the formula =row()-5 in the excel table’s first row first cell and copy the formula to other cells in the table row number column.
  4. At this time, we also insert a new row, and the serial number of the following table row has been automatically updated.
  5. The formula should be =row()-i, the number i is your excel table first row’s number in the whole excel worksheet. In my example, the value of i is 5.
  6. Now when you insert a new table row, you do not need to enter the table row number by hand, you just need to copy and paste the formula ( =row()-i ) from the previous row cell.

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