How To Stop Multiple Google Chrome Processes

I found my PC runs so slowly these days. Then I open the PC task manager to see which program leads the PC running slowly. I found there are almost 100 Google Chrome processes running that occupy almost 2G memory, but I only start about 10 Google Chrome tabs in the browser. This article will tell you how to fix it.

1. Why Google Chrome Starts So Many Processes.

  1. When you start one tab in the Google Chrome web browser, it will create a separate process.
  2. When you install and enable a Google Chrome extension, it will start a new separate process.
  3. And there are also some Google Chrome background services running a separate process for each service.
  4. The reason why Google Chrome creates a separate process for each task is that it wants to reduce the mutual influence between the tasks.
  5. In this way, if one task is failed or crash, it will not influence the other tasks.
  6. But the disadvantage is that it will cost much more memory or CPU resources to leads your PC to slow down.

2. How To Stop Multiple Google Chrome Processes.

  1. There are 3 methods to stop the Google Chrome processes.
  2. The first method is to use the operating system’s task manager.
  3. The second method is to use Google Chrome’s task manager, this method is more accurate.
  4. The third method can start Google Chrome in the Process-Per-Site mode, then all the tabs that browse the same domain website will run in one process.
  5. I will tell you each method one by one.

2.1 Stop Google Chrome Processes From Operating System Task Manager.

  1. Open the task manager for your operating system ( How To Open Task Manager On Mac, Linux, Windows ).
  2. Find the google chrome processes that the process name starts with chrome or google chrome.
  3. Select the process, then click the End Process button ( Windows, Linux) or the Stop button ( macOS ) to stop it.

2.2 Stop Google Chrome Processes From Google Chrome Tasks Manager.

  1. This method can let you stop the google chrome process more accurately.
  2. Click the Customize and control Google Chrome icon ( 3 dots vertically ) on the Google Chrome top right corner.
  3. Then click the More tools —> Task Manager menu item in the popup menu list.
  4. It will open the Google Chrome Task Manager window.
  5. You can get the detailed process information for each google chrome process, and then decide whether to stop it or not.
  6. From there, you can see that each google chrome tab, extension running in one separate process.

2.3 Start Google Chrome Web Browser In Process-Per-Site Mode.

  1. You can start the Google Chrome web browser in the Process-Per-Site mode, then all the browser tabs that browse the same domain website URL will run in one process.
  2. Open the terminal and go to the google chrome installed folder, then start google chrome with parameter –process-per-site as below.
    C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application>chrome --process-per-site
  3. Now when you open the same domain URLs in the different tabs of the above popup Google Chrome window, you can see that all the browser tabs that browse the same domain URLs will run in the same one google chrome process, you can see this in the Google Chrome task manager also.

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