How To Setup WordPress Website On Bluehost

This article will tell you how to create a WordPress website on BlueHost. And how to reinstall the WordPress website if you encounter errors.

1. Register A Domain.

First you need register a domain on BlueHost or other domain registar. If your domain is registered on other domain registar, then you need to change the domain DNS ( domain name server ) record to and on the domain registar DNS dashboard. The domain name server change need 24 – 48 hours to propagate.

2. Assign The Domain To Your BlueHost Account.

When the domain propagate complete, you should assign it to your BlueHost account follow below steps.

  1. Login to your BlueHost manager dashboard.
  2. Click domains —> assign menu item. You can access the page directly by access url
    bluehost assign domain
  3. Input the domain name in above text box, then BlueHost will verify the domain ownership.
  4. When the domain ownership has been verified, you should select the Addon Domain radio button in step3.
    bluehost domain ownership verify and select addon domain type
  5. Input a directory name in step 4 : choose addon directory and sub-domain, all WordPress website files will be saved in this directory ( public_html/health-is-easy ). The sub-domain name will be generated automatically.
    bluehost input addon directory and sub domain
  6. Click the assign this domain button to assign it. When above process complete, you can click domains —> domain list menu item to see the addon domains.

3. Install WordPress WebSite On BlueHost.

  1. Click hosting —> cpanel menu item in BlueHost admin website top menu list.
  2. Click Install WordPress icon in website area to install the WordPress website.
    bluehost hosting cpanel website install wordpress
  3. Select WordPress installation domain in the drop down list, the target installation directory should be left empty, otherwise the WordPress website will not be installed correctly.
    the domain target directory should left blank, otherwise the website should not be installed properly
  4. Click the Install WordPress button to install it, when the installation process complete successfully. The WordPress website files will be installed in public_html / health-is-easy directory.
  5. Now the WordPress website has been installed successfully, you can access it with your domain name. The website manager url is http://< your_domain_name >/wp-admin.

4. How To Resolve Error When Install WordPress On Incorrect Directory.

If you do not left the directory path empty behind the domain drop down list, but input an installation directory path such as /home/……/public_html/health-is-easy in the input text box, then the WordPress files will be saved in wrong directory.

click the install wordpress button and select the domain and input the target installation directory

After you install it, you can not access the website. You will get error page when access the WordPress admin website like below.

bluehost wrong wordpress installation directory admin site access error page

To resolve this error, you need follow below two steps.

  1. Delete all folder and files in /home/……/public_html/health-is-easy/ directory.
  2. Login to you BlueHost admin website, and click hosting —> cpanel menu item, then go to database tools section, click phpMyAdmin icon.
    bluehost hosting cpanel database tools phpMyAdmin
  3. In below picture the domain website’s MySql database name is twothrp0_wrdp2, but you can not delete the database directly here.
    bluehost wordpress website mysql database
  4. To delete the database, click MySQL Databases icon to goto MySQL Database management page.
    bluehost hosting cpanel database tools phpMyAdmin
  5. Click the delete link at the end of database row. You can also rename it to another one.
    bluehost mysql databases management web page
  6. Do not forget to delete the database user in the database user row also. Below database user is not for above database, the above database user name generally should be twothrp0_wrdp2.
    bluehost mysql databases user management web page

5. How To Reinstall WordPress WebSite.

There are two method to reinstall the WordPress WebSite.

  1. Click the Install WordPress icon in BlueHost dashboard hosting —> cpanel —> website section.
    bluehost hosting cpanel website install wordpress
  2. If you find above method can not install the WordPress website, then you can reinstall it by browse below url. If you encounter error in the result page, it is a known bug and will not stop the WordPress website installation.
    install wordpress website page

6. How To Remove BlueHost Coming Soon Page.

When you browse your website domain in web browser just after WordPress is installed on BlueHost, you will see the bluehost coming soon page like below.

bluehost coming soon web page

You can follow below steps to remove the bluehost coming soon page.

  1. Login bluehost admin website.
  2. Click Settings —> General menu item in left navigation panel, then choose Off radio button after Enable option in Bluehost Coming Soon Page section.
    enable : disable bluehost coming soon page radio button
  3. Click Save Changes button to save the changes. Now the website will display your theme page instead of the bluehost coming soon page.

7. Build WordPress SEO Friendly URL.

  1. Login to WordPress admin website.
  2. Click Settings —> Permalinks menu item in left, then select Post name radio button in right web page, click Save Changes button to make the changes take effect.
    save general and permalinks settings in wordpress admin console

8. Upload WebSite Favicon Icon Image.

Website favicon is an icon image file which has ico extension, every website has an icon image to display on the browser title to make your website more beautiful and visualized.

To add website favicon icon image, please follow below steps.

  1. Find an icon file which can represent your website meanings.
  2. If you do not has icon file, you can convert your png file to ico format file use online tools.
  3. Please note the ico file name should be favicon.ico exactly. If you use other file name, it will not work correctly.
  4. Upload the favicon.ico file to the WordPress website root folder.
    wordpress website favicon file in root folder
  5. Reload the webpage, then you can see the website icon at the browser title.
    show websie favicon in web browser title
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