How To Set iOS App Icon In Xcode Project

When you create an iOS app and run it in simulator, you may find that the default app icon in the screen is a grid picture, this is not beautiful. This article will tell you two method about how to change the default iOS app icon to your desired icon both in simulator and when you publish your app to app store.

1. Change iOS App Icon In Xcode Simulator Steps.

If you just want to change the iOS app icon in simulator, you can follow below steps. But if you want to publish your iOS app to apple app store, you should use method two.

  1. Find an icon image from the internet such as and save the icon image in a local directory. Note: the icon size of iOS 11 must be 120*120 pixels.
  2. In Xcode project, right click the info.plist file and select Add Files to “project name” menu item.
    info.plist add files to project
  3. Select the iOS app icon image file, and choose Create groups radio button. Click Add button to add it.
    select the ios app icon image file
  4. Now the logo.png file has been added into the project, you can see it in left panel project navigator files list.
  5. Click the info.plist file again to open it. And click the plus button after the Information Property List item to add a new property item. Input Icon files in item key and select Array in item Type column. Expand Icon files item and input the icon image file name in the Value column manually.
    add ios app icon files in info.plist file
  6. Now when you run the app again, you can see the app use the selected icon in the screen. In this example, my example iOS app use a green twitter image icon like below picture.
    set ios app icon in xcode

2. Set iOS App Icon For Publish It To App Store.

Method one is just used to set app icon in iOS simulator, if you want to set iOS app icon when the app is published to apple app store, you should follow below steps.

  1. When you create a Xcode project use one template such as Single View App, there is an assets catalog file created in the project file list. The file name is Assets.xcassets.
    xcode project assets xcassets file with icons
  2. Click the Assets.xcassets file, it will display all project assets set in middle document outline view. By default there is only one AppIcon set, you should provide all the iOS app icons in this set.
  3. Click the AppIcon set, it will display all the iOS app needed icons in right detail view. You should get all the icons for both iPhone and iPad’s screen app, settings, notification, spotlight and app store with different screen resolution. And then drag & drop them to right detail view one by one.
  4. To save your time, you can find one png image in and download it to your local machine.
  5. One png image is not enough, you need to create icons for all the sizes with the download image. You can go to to upload the image and then generate all the iOS app needed icons.
    click choose file button to upload one png file to generate all ios android needed multiple sized icons
  6. will generate a zip file, it will send the zip file to your provided email box.
  7. After download the zip file and unzip it, you can find below file structures. It contains all mobile platform ( iOS, android, iWatch etc) needed icons. generated app icons for ios android etc
  8. Now you need to copy this icons into Xcode project, what you need to do is just drag the folder AppIcon.appiconset under ios folder, and drop it to Assets.xcassets‘s document outline view.
    drag ios app icons folder from finder to xcode project assets.xcassets document outline view
  9. Now it will create a new iOS AppIcon set which name is AppIcon-1. Click this icon set, you will see all the iOS app needed icons in right detail view.
  10. Now click the Xcode project in left panel, select one target in center document outline view TARGETS list, then select AppIcon-1 in right panel General —> App Icons and Launch Images —> App Icons Source drop down list.
    select appicon set for ios app in xcode project target
  11. Now start the iOS simulator, it will start the app, just click the bottom of app main screen and throw it to the top, it will hide the app main screen and display the app icon on the screen like below.
    ios app icon that used to publish to apple app store

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  1. >> Now when you run the app again, you can see the app use the
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