How To Remotely Access And Control Mac Desktop From Windows 10

This article will tell you how to connect and control Mac desktop remotely from Windows 10.

1. How To Remote Access & Control Mac Desktop.

1.1 Share Screen On Mac OS.

  1. On macOS, click the Apple logo —> System Preferences… menu item on the top left corner to open the System Preferences window.
  2. Click the Sharing icon on the System Preferences window to open the Sharing window.
  3. Check the Screen Sharing checkbox in the left service list.
  4. On the right side Allow access for, you can check the radion button All users to let all users to remote control this macOS desktop.
  5. Open a terminal and run the command ifconfig to get the mac machine’s IP address and save it.

1.2 Install VNC Viewer.

  1. Go to the RealVNC official website to download the VNC viewer installer.
  2. Install the VNC viewer by double-clicking the downloaded installer.
  3. The installation is very straightforward.

1.3 Connect The Mac Desktop With The VNC Viewer.

  1. Open the VNC viewer.
  2. Click the File —> New connection… menu item to open the Properties window.
  3. Input the Mac machine’s IP in the VNC Server input text box.
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. Input the Mac username and password in the popup Authentication dialog.
  6. Click the OK button to connect to the Mac desktop.

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