How To Open, Close, Save Android Studio Project

This article will show you how to Open, Close or Save android studio project. It will also show you how to browse project folder or file’s physical hard disk directory in android studio.

1.How To Open Android Studio Project.

  1. You can open recent android project in Welcome to Android Studio window Recent Projects list panel.
    android studio recent project list panel
  2. You can also click ” File —> Open Recent ” menu in android studio top menu bar to open recent projects.
    android studio open recent project in file open recent menu
  3. If your project dose not exist in recent projects list. Then you can click Open an existing Android Studio project link to find the exist project location. You can also click ” File —> Open ” menu in android studio top menu bar to achieve this.
    android studio open exist project
    android studio open exist project file open menu
  4. After above action, a window named as Open File or Project will popup. You should browse to the existing android studio project saved directory then select one. Below example has two existing projects, select one and click OK button.
    android studio select existing project folder
  5. Then you can see your existing project files listed in left panel project view.

2. How To Close, Save Android Studio Project.

  1. To close project you need click ” File —> Close Project ” menu in top menu bar.
    android studio close project
  2. To save project, you need to click ” File —> Save All ” menu in top menu bar.
    android studio save all project

3. How To Open Project Saved Directory In Hard Disk Directly.

  1.  If you want to browse project saved directory in hard disk directly in android studio, you can right click any item in project view list tree, then click Show in Explorer or Directory Path menu in popup menu list.
    right click project view item click show in explorer menu
  2. If you click Show in Explorer menu, it will open a windows file explorer which include the selected item. In above example we choose to show app / build folder’s hard disk physical directory. Then you can see below folder path.
    show android studio project view item in explorer
  3. If you click Directory Path menu, it will popup a directory list for you to choose which directory in the directory path that you want to explore. You can select your desired directory and click it to explore.
    android studio directory path menu
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