How To Move Photos From Photos App To Folder On Mac

I use my iPhone to take a lot of videos and save them to iCloud automatically. Recently I want to edit some video files on my Mac computer, but I found I can find the video file on the Mac Photos app, but can not edit it there. So I want to export the video file to a local Mac folder to edit them. This article will tell you how to move the video file from the Mac Photos app to a Mac folder.

1. How To Move Photos From Photos App To Folder On Mac.

  1. Open a Finder window on your Mac by clicking the Finder icon on the bottom left corner of the dock bar ( locate at the bottom area of the screen ).
  2. Click the Applications item on the opened Finder window.
  3. Double-click the Photos item on the Finder window right side to open the Photos application.
  4. Select the video or image files that you want to export on the Photos application’s right side.
  5. Click the item File —> Export —> Export 6 Videos / Export Unmodified Original for 6 Videos to export video files.
  6. Click the item File —> Export —> Export 6 Photos / Export Unmodified Original for 6 Photos to export photo files.
  7. Do not change anything in the next popup window by default ( of course you can customize the export settings as you required in the dialog window ), and all the files will be saved using the original file names.
  8. Click the Export button on the window.
  9. Then select the folder that you want to save the exported file.
  10. Click the button Export or Export Originals to export the photo file to the saved folder.

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