How To Install / Uninstall Software On Ubuntu Linux

There are two methods to install/uninstall software on ubuntu, one is through the graphical user interface, another is by command line.

1. Install / Uninstall Software On Ubuntu Via GUI.

  1. Click the Ubuntu Software icon ( an orange bag with an uppercase A in the bag ) in the Ubuntu left navigation bar.
  2. Then the Ubuntu software manager window will popup, there are three tabs All, Installed, and Updates on the window top area.
  3. If you want to install ubuntu software, click the All tab, then click the search button in the top right corner, input the software name in the search box, then there will list all the software which match the condition at the bottom. Click the software you want to install will go to the detail window, click the Install button in the detail window to install it.
  4. If you want to uninstall software, then click the Installed tab. It will list all the currently installed software. Click the Remove button at the end of the installed software to remove it from ubuntu.
  5. If there are softwares that can be updated, click the Updates tab. This window will list all the software that needs to be updated.

2. Install / Uninstall Software On Ubuntu By Command Line.

If you can not find the software in Ubuntu software store, you can install it with the apt command as below. Below example will operate on a pdf reader software okular.

  1. Install package on ubuntu.
    sudo apt install okular (software package name)
  2. List all the installed software packages. So that you can get the package name which you want to uninstall.
    ~$ dpkg --list
  3. Uninstall a ubuntu software package with remove command. This command will remove the software only, but keep the package related settings and user data.
    $ sudo apt remove okular (software package name)
  4. If you want to remove all the software include both the program and the settings data, you can use purge command.
    $ sudo apt purge okular (software package name)
  5. If you want to clean all the unused software package installed on your Ubuntu, you can run autoremove command.
    $ sudo apt autoremove
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree       
    Reading state information... Done
    The following packages will be REMOVED:

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