How To Increase PHP Memory In WHM

This article will tell you how to set php version for your different domain website in WHM, it also tell you how to change php memory size in WHM.

1. Set WebSite PHP Version In WHM.

  1. Log into WHM use url https://<vps-server-ip>:<whm-port> with root user.
  2. Search php in the top left search box.
    whm search php in left navigation panel
  3. Click MultiPHP Manager menu item.
  4. Scroll down in right page, then you can see account list.
  5. In the account list, each line represent one account, there are account domain, account, php version columns etc.
  6. You can change PHP version for each domain from the drop down list.
    select website domain php version for each domain

2. Change PHP Memory Size.

  1. Search php in WHM left navigation panel, then click the MultiPHP INI Editor menu item.
    whm search php in left navigation panel
  2. In right page, click Basic Mode tab, then select the php version which you want to change the settings from the dropdown list.
    change php settings in php ini editor
  3. Then you can change most php configuration settings below the drop down list. The php setting contains such as memory_limit, max_upload_size, max_execution_time, max_input_vars, post_max_size.
  4. To increase php memory size, please change memory_limit value to a bigger one.
  5. Then click Apply button to save the changes.
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