How To Fix Xcode Error The Operation Couldn’t Be Completed, Unable To Log In With Account. The Login Details For Account Were Rejected. And No Profiles Were Found

When I use Xcode 10.3 to open an old Xcode project, I encounter the below error messages. The error message said unable to log in with the current apple account, and no profiles for the project were found. You can find the error message by clicking the project name in the Xcode project left side navigator pane, then click one target in the center editor TARGETS list area, then click the General tab and scroll down to Signing area. This article will tell you how to fix it.

1. Xcode Unable To Log In With The Account Error Message.

  1. Below are the detailed error messages.
    The operation couldn’t be completed. Unable to log in with account '[email protected]'. The login details for account '[email protected]' were rejected. (in target 'SwiftPromptAlertWhenClickButtonExample')
    No profiles for 'com.dev2qa.SwiftPromptAlertWhenClickButtonExample' were found: Xcode couldn't find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching 'com.dev2qa.SwiftPromptAlertWhenClickButtonExample'. (in target 'SwiftPromptAlertWhenClickButtonExample')

2. How To Fix Above Error.

  1. To fix this error is very easy, you just need to sign in with your own correct apple account, because the old Xcode project may use another apple developer account. Please follow the below steps to fix it.
  2. Click Xcode —> Preferences… menu item.
  3. Then click the Accounts tab in the popup dialog window.
  4. If you find any apple developer accounts which you do not know in the Accounts tab left list panel, just select them and click the minus icon ( - ) at the bottom of the left accounts list panel to remove it. Then click the plus icon ( + ) to add a new Apple ID.
  5. Select Apple ID in the next popup dialog window, the window title is Select the type of account you would like to add:, then click the Continue button.
  6. Input your own apple account id and password in the next popup dialog, then click the Next button.
  7. After you sign in with your correct Apple ID, click the Download Manual Profiles button on the Accounts tab bottom right corner to download the account profile.
  8. Now when you go to your Xcode project —> target —> General tab —> Signing area, the error message will disappear.

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